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At Crackajack Party Hire, we give you the chance to transform your event into a more special occasion. With our rental equipment selections, you can be sure your event goes just the way you want it to. When you have all the right equipment, tools and even cutlery, the occasion can flow without trouble. Your guests will also enjoy because you can avoid disruptions or unnecessary delays.

We provide a range of party equipment to suit any theme. We have been handling events for many years; we have the skills and expertise to manage different types of occasions. From cutlery to electrical systems, lighting and other devices, we have a comprehensive and reliable selection.

Crackajack has been providing rental equipment and events coordinating packages for over two decades now. We guarantee reliable, efficient and exciting event solutions. Our equipment and tool selections cater to different types of functions including weddings, birthday parties, corporate events and similar gatherings. We can cater to events for adults and children.

Our team conveniently tailors our services to execute your event. Get in touch with our team or arrange a meeting to talk about details of your party. We encourage planning ahead to make sure nothing goes wrong on the actual date of affair.

Our team is constantly on standby to answer any concerns or queries you may have. For more information on our rental solutions, similar services and prices, contact us today.


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