Prioritising Your Party and Event Needs


When you contact a Perth event hire company to rent equipment for your next party or event, be sure to make two lists of the equipment desired. One for what you absolutely need and one for the less important equipment.

Your budget and the number of guests are always the two main criteria to use in planning your event.

It’s always better to rent only the equipment that you absolutely need and then learn ways to make do creatively with what you can’t afford to hire.

Creativity can add a lot of value and cost savings when planning an event. It can also go a long way to making your event a memorable one.

Determining Your Costs Per Guest for Your Event or Party

Simply divide your budget by the number of guests you want to host to get a baseline cost per guest. Then look up your Perth party hire company’s website and check the prices per guest or piece of equipment that you cannot do without and add them up to get your total of the necessary equipment.

The news can be either good or bad. You may find that you have a sizable amount of money in which to hire equipment for the event from your less important, but still nice to have equipment list.

The worst-case scenario is that your budget does not cover your planned event. Then you’ll have to make some hard choices. You can either increase your budget or cut your guest list to suit your existing budget.

Renting needed equipment is not the place to start exercising your creativity. You have to cover the basics of providing your guests with the equipment they need to enjoy the event. But you should be at this point of the planning stage before the invitations have been sent out.

Deciding Between the Less Important Items to Hire for Your Event or Party

Let’s say that you’ve covered the costs of your necessary items and you still have budget money to spare. But you can’t afford everything on your less important list. How do you decide which of these less important items would be the better choice?

The answer is simple. Think of what would be more pleasurable and comfortable for your guest, especially taking into consideration of the time of year and location.

If the choice is between velvet ropes and misting fans, choose the misting fans. The velvet ropes might help you manage the event traffic a little better, but they don’t add to your guest’s enjoyment.

In every event you plan, your guest’s comfort and enjoyment should be your first priority. Anything you can provide for them that helps them enjoy the event more, will add to the event’s success.

Talk to the Event Hire Experts at Crackajack

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